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" This political correctness, what it really does is make people a nation full of liars "


Martin Mull

*The great Martin Mull on Norm MacDonald here:

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I was re-reading Jaws and found something interesting.

twas foretold

Jaws is the best movie/prophecy

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Your Daily Chinglish (shh.. its our little Screat)

" I’m not upset that I saw Gooby. y’know.. that I watched it. "

- June Diane Raphael endorses the film ‘Gooby’

Seriously though - the DFC was much better than the KFC

This is a sort of abandoned villa in a Chinese village. After a short exploration I found a shrine (to ancestors) in the back room. Another room seems to have been a ‘Mao Education’ room. Guangxi Province China

Sign in Chinese KFC reminds you to be quick and don’t forget to flush. Interestingly, the panda is on a western toilet and not a ‘squat hole’ as was offered here.