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-Front of Beijing Taxpayer Service Hall looking good

-Back of Beijing Taxpayer Service Hall is a helluva compound!

Any questions?

this happened

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Rich Vos might be one of the most under-rated comedians out there

Friend’s photos of her mountain climbing trips - sorry I don’t know the location(s) in China

If you think you see a penis and vagina - well so do 1.4 billion Chinese. There is some lucky/fertility superstitions around the caves too.

That creepy-as-hell hand thing at the end of the hallway :(


The boyish good looks of notorious jinx Ted McGinley in a cluttered storefront signal that the end is truly near for the raffish charm of 42nd Street.

greatest tumblr post ever

" Have you ever figured out how this shit gets made? You’ve never figured it out! "


Rob Corddry, How Did This Get Made (x)

It’s an ongoing investigation..

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