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Bootleg copy of the FIRST LIVE performance of ‘Gu Cruise’ by Howard Kremer Band!!

The original recorded track here


J Mascis – “Every Morning” with Fred Armisen

This recently discovered footage from 1974 explains the mysterious disappearance of a religious cult called The Space Children of the Forest.

For starters - ‘Space Angel’ is not his real name


Literally love award shows but want them more bonkers then listen pt 2 of The Howdies, The How Did This Get Made Awards

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Listen to every episode and then Part 1 of ‘The Howdies’

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" Gary Busey and Frenchy Discuss their Plight "


Busey: “We’re sittin here on the..? whats it called?”

Frenchy: “We’re on the celeldity skatch eap.”

Busey: “Whats it called? the what?”

Frenchy: “The Skahatch Eep.”

Busey: “Youre not makin no sense?”

Frenchy: “I’m just reading what it says - Celebiddy Skatch eep”

Busey: “That doesn’t make any sense”

~ Gary Busey and Frenchy on the Celebrity Scrap Heap


June Diane Raphael posits the most insane theory in HDTGM history  - The Spaghetti Robot

" This political correctness, what it really does is make people a nation full of liars "


Martin Mull

*The great Martin Mull on Norm MacDonald here:

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I was re-reading Jaws and found something interesting.

twas foretold

Jaws is the best movie/prophecy

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Your Daily Chinglish (shh.. its our little Screat)